Wilma Consul - Crossroads of creativity: exploring journalism, culinary arts, and culture

In this episode of SLANT Podcast, host Dana Tai Soon Burgess sits down with the dynamic Wilma B. Consul for an insightful conversation that spans journalism, culinary arts, education, and culture.

Wilma's journey from Manila to San Francisco, her impactful work in radio production, and her commitment to community engagement shed light on the power of storytelling and advocacy. From her experiences reporting on HIV-AIDS in the Asian American community, her experiences in theater, and in her role as a caregiver, Wilma shares her empathy and dedication to making a difference in the world.

As they delve into Wilma's career at NPR and her deep dive into gastronomy in Italy, they frame the understanding of the intersections between creativity, culture, and life.

Tune in to discover the stories behind Wilma's remarkable journey and the insights she shares on the importance of storytelling, food, and education in shaping our understanding of the world around us.


Wilma is a journalist, chef, artist, and educator. She was born in Manila and joined her family in San Francisco when she was 14. Wilma has worked as a newscaster for Manila. A Bay Area produced TV program, and she was the Artistic Director of the Filipino theater group TNT, Teatro Engtenan, Theater for Everyone. After being awarded a fellowship with NPR's Diversity Initiative, she established a long career in public radio. At NPR, Wilma produced, edited, and reported for many of the public network's flagship programs. Her works also have aired on NPR member stations, WNYC, WIDA, WYPR, and KQED, and have been published in National Geographic, Art 202, and the Asian American Literary Review. Wilma was also the co host of AARP's podcast, Take On Today. She is a graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and San Francisco State University, and holds a master's degree in gastronomy. Wilma now weaves together her expertise in journalism, the culinary arts, education, culture, and the arts. 

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